Why can’t I see who Unfriended me?

There are two possible reasons 1) no one has unfriended you (lucky you!), or 2) you downloaded Unfriend Watch and just performed your first scan. The first scan provides your friends list base line, so when you check back again in the future Unfriend Watch will be able to notify you of the changes that occurred since your last scan. You can run a new scan to view changes at any time by launching the app and clicking the refresh icon, but not more than once every hour.

What does the Unfriend list include?

Have no fear, there are several ways someone will appear on your Unfriend list, including:

  1. Friends you have unfriended
  2. Friends that have unfriended you
  3. Friends who have deactivated their Facebook account

This allows you to see the summary of friends that have been removed - both from either your own actions or theirs.

Is Unfriend Watch a Facebook™ app?

No, Unfriend Watch is not owned by or affiliated with Facebook™. Unfriend Watch will walk you through the steps to access your friends list to determine who has unfriended you (or who is on your “unfriend list”).

Does Unfriend work on other social networks?

Unfriend Watch currently only detects unfriends that occur on Facebook.

Why can’t I install Unfriend Watch?

Unfriend Watch is currently only compatible on Windows® Operating systems, therefore if you try to install on Mac OS, tablet, or mobile device it will not install.

What is installed on my computer with Unfriend Watch?

All files for the Unfriend Watch application and any associated offers are installed under the standard Windows “Program Data” (%programdata%), Windows “AppData” (%appdata%), and the Windows Registry locations. All installed components can be uninstalled using the associated uninstallers, with the exception of a couple registry settings that may be left behind after uninstall.

Does Unfriend Watch try to steal my Facebook password or any other data?

No! Absolutely not. Your Facebook password is never seen by our software or sent to our servers. Our software does record your friends list once you are logged into Facebook, but that list is kept entirely on your local computer and is never sent to our servers.

Is Unfriend Watch SAFE to use?

Yes, as mentioned above Unfriend Watch does not store or save your Facebook password or personal data. In fact, your Facebook password is never sent to our application or servers. Instead, Unfriend Watch launches a standard Facebook web page (not an Unfriend Watch web page) to login to your Facebook account, then once you are logged into Facebook our software can programmatically traverse your friends list so it can be stored locally on your computer and later compared with future scans for unfriends. Unfriend Watch does not add or remove any content from your friends list - you remain in control of your friends list at all times.

Is Unfriend Watch FREE to use?

Yes, Unfriend Watch is entirely free to use, but may show advertisements while installed. Optional offers may be presented to you after installation. For example, search offers may include the option to change your default search, home page, and/or default browser. These promotions help us to keep Unfriend Watch 100% awesome and free for you. Unfriend Watch only partners with high-quality ad providers to deliver the best user experience possible, while also helping to cover some of our costs associated with building and running Unfriend Watch.

If I don’t like the app, is it easy to uninstall?

Visit our Uninstall Page for easy steps for uninstallation.

Have another question not listed above?

We would love to hear from you! For questions, comments, or support please contact us at support@unfriendwatch.com. To provide you with the best support experience always provide as much detail with your request and a member of our support team will get back to you shortly.